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Saison Electronics Ltd

With more than 25 years of OEM custom cable and wire harness assembly manufacturing experience, we have become one of the leading sources of custom cable assemblies in the world. Our logistics can accommodate the most demanding production schedules from clients across the globe. We work with brand name manufacturers in Austria, China, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, North America, Singapore and Thailand. 

Our company’s production includes highly diversified OEM cable and wire harness assembly product lines. Our products include OEM automotive cables and wiring harnesses, OEM medical cables, OEM power cables, harsh environment OEM cables, computer cables (internal and external), consumer electronics wiring components, custom complex (hybrid) wire harness products and many other related products.

cable manufacturer Saison production interior

Saison manufacturing facitlies - interior

Cable Manufacturer Certifications

Accreditation, certification and maintaining full compliance with cable and wire harness production requirements are top priorities for our company. These include being an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified cable manufacturer as well as ISO/TS 16949 accreditation holder. We adhere to the highest standards upheld by local and international manufacturers associations. For further details, see cable manufacturer certifications.

About Saison

We have had many years to perfect production, quality and management after establishing our manufacturing facilities in China in 1985. Being a Japanese company we have combined the best of the Japanese and Chinese working cultures. The result is the creation of our enterprise to provide the best products in our field. Due to our quality, engineering support, pricing and logistics, we have historically been the company of choice for well-known manufacturers.

cable manufacturer Saison - exterior

Cable Manufacturer Saison - manufacturing facilities exterior

Strategic Positioning for Global Cable Manufacturing and Distribution

Movement toward increasing globalization has resulted in significant shifts in the geography of manufacturing. Most manufacturing has gone to China, India and other developing nations, and our company is strategically placed for the greatest benefit of our clients worldwide. Production cost consideration plays a significant role in modern manufacturing but quality control and manufacturing integrity may not be overlooked when one is outsourcing a custom cable manufacturer. Working with major Japanese leading electronics manufacturers for many years has helped us to develop quality standards that exceed commonly applied QC manufacturing guidelines. One thing is certain, working with Saison Electronics you can be assured of highest manufacturing standards and timely delivery of your orders.

cable manufacturing testing procedure

Cable manufacturing - testing process. All cables shipped by Saison are individually inspected prior to leaving our facilities

Custom Cable Outsourcing

Manufacturer’s ability to fulfill large orders is critical in a fast-paced global manufacturing environment. Some manufacturers can sometimes overpromise while trying to secure the order. We recommend, when outsourcing an OEM cable manufacturer, to take the time to verify if your sources are capable of meeting your production needs – without sacrificing quality standards or causing delays. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to produce millions of wiring components monthly and our logistics will ensure that you get your required order quantities on time anywhere in the world.

Straight Policy – To Serve Our Clients Best

Our policy is to provide our prospects not only with the quote but also with production scheduling and ETD (estimated date of delivery) prior to taking the order. In a rare instance where we cannot accommodate your schedule, we will inform you upfront and, if you like, we can recommend other sources to provide you with quality manufacturing service.

cable manufacturing process

We use latest tested equipment for all cable manufacturing assembly stages

Custom Cable Prototyping

Based on your specifications we can quickly produce prototypes for highly specialized cable and wire harness assemblies. We also produce samples of standard cable and wire harness products. If you have designed a custom molded connector and would like to request a sample, please note that tooling/molding charges may apply. Cable and wire harness prototyping is an important step in custom cable production. It allows you to test the wiring component and improve upon its design if needed. It also helps you to judge the manufacturing and engineering expertise of your cable manufacturing contractor.

custom cable prototyping

Saison's engineer prepares technical drawings for prototyping.

Integrity of Operations

In spite of the initially strong choice of worldwide cable manufacturers to move production to China, some of the companies may not be a good example of success. Just because a company is able to save on production cost does not make it a success. It takes knowledge and experience to create an environment that can embrace the challenges of the current manufacturing demands. That is why if you are outsourcing offshore, you would have to go through the series of steps to ensure that your contractor will deliver as promised. A good sign of the manufacturer’s reputation is its clients. Saison Electronics has helped many well-known brands worldwide with custom cables and wiring harness assemblies. We welcome you to check the list of our clients.

If you are seeking assistance in custom cable design, engineering or you are looking for a custom cable manufacturer, please contact us – we will help you with all your connectivity product needs.

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    OEM Cables

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    CAT5 and CAT6 OEM

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