Cable Assembly Supplier


Saison Electronics is a true powerhouse of wiring component manufacturing. Currently, more than 700 employees work in our modern 190,000 square feet manufacturing facilities. Combined with well-planned production and logistics, this allows us to fill very large production quantities and deliver superior quality products on time, fulfilling the critical needs of all our clients.

cable supplier Saison - manufacturing facilities

Modern facilities, excellent quality and manufacturing experience made us a preffered cable supplier for many well-known manufacturers worldwide.

Order Quantities

Our company’s production is not restricted to the large quantity orders only. We also serve the needs of manufacturers who require smaller quantities of highly specialized cable and wire harness assemblies. The combined efforts of our engineering department, production and quality control ensure the high quality standards and cost-effective manufacturing for the unique specialty items.

cable supplier various order quantities

Scallable production allows us to quickly accomodate various order quantities.

Quality Control

In quality control, we leverage the most up-to-date technologies and methods, as well as the most modern cable assembly equipment.  We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer with an outstanding quality record. Ever-evolving internal innovations provide us the means to maintain flexibility in our production schedules.  We’ve found the results to be an increase in capacity for OEM cable manufacturing, a favorable advantage in the busiest seasons of cable production. 

quality inspection behind each cable

Besides testing equipment we manually inspect every cable and wire harness.

  • Power Cable Assembly

    Power Cable Assembly

    Power cable assembly products for all countries and markets including standard, custom, portable electronics and miniature types of power cables
    Power Cable Assembly

  • Video Cable Assembly

    Video Cable Assembly

    See video cable assembly examples manufactured by Saison. Extensive customization options are available
    Video Cable Assembly

  • Electrical Cable Assembly

    Electrical Cable Assembly

    We manufacture electrical cable assemblies for automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, medical and other markets
    Electrical Cable Assembly

  • custom wire harness LVDS assembly

    Custom wiring harness to interface LCD panels and panel-to-panel connections using Low Voltage Differential Signaling.

    Custom Wire Harness LVDS Assembly
  • electrical cable assembly

    Electrical cable assembly PSE approved with crimped terminal and AC wall plug and housing with two extra circuit's connections

    Electrical Cable Assembly

  • image placer

    High performance custom molded cable adapter for LCD, HDTV and LCD displays with DVI and VGA/D-SUB connectors.

    Custom Molded Cable Adapter
  • Power Cord Assembly AC/DC

    Reinforced power cord assembly with optional ferrite core for interference reduction used for AC/DC adapters.

    Power Cord Assembly AC/DC