Cable Design

Our cable design services help manufacturers to come up with an ultimate connectivity solution for a variety of applications. With over 25 years of experience in custom cable manufacturing and design, we offer our help and engineering support to all that are interested in mass production of unique wiring components.

Cable design includes physical cable architecture, electrical specifications, data transfer requirements, selection of wiring components, molds and terminals as well as production cost estimates.

Cable design efforts are aimed at producing a working custom cable prototype therefore we collect all the necessary data pertaining to your connectivity needs.  Custom cable design differs from custom cable engineering and primarily deals with design intent and specifications of a single piece.  On the other hand, cable engineering prepares this designed piece for mass production.

custom cable design

Cable Design Process

First, we take our client’s specifications and determine the design intent. In the next stage, with the help of specialized software tools, we create a digital prototype of the cable. Sometimes manufacturers may not have an exact set of specs established yet and in such cases we can work with the conceptual intent of what this particular wiring harness or cable supposed to do.  Our experienced engineers will communicate with you and gather all required information about the desired functionality and the environment in which this cable will operate. We will examine the choice of terminals, physical attributes, coloring, labeling, molding and types of wire and cables used as well as electrical data.

Since we manufacture a large variety of custom cables for various industries we can offer our suggestion on material selection as well as splicing and terminal connections to save cost and possibly improve the performance of a wiring component. This is rather important because specialty cables, for example high performance audio cables, require specific knowledge of how certain materials and configuration affects the quality of sound. Same applies to the selection of materials and components for video cables, automotive harnesses, harsh environment cables, specialty power cords, etc.

Custom Cable Design - The Definition of Intent

In this stage of cable design much of the effort is dedicated to defining the specifics which are not limited to physical cable architecture but also to requirements such as weight, color and targeted cost. In fact, much of the material selection which is a part of custom cable engineering process stems from the target cost of a single unit. Additional data such as the use of cable and its installation in the equipment is also vital to the initial stages of the design. For example, if the wire harness or a cable will operate at high temperatures, a certain type of wire shielding should be selected. Or if a cable is a part of an internal installation in the OEM final product, we need to know about the possible dimensional constraints of such installation.

All these custom characteristics are being entered into the computer and a set of design rules is created by the cable design software tools. These rules are based on the custom cable specifications and prevent any deviations from the design intent set by the client which helps to keep the development on track.

After creating a digital mockup of the custom cable we exchange the information with the client and get a feedback. At this stage some additional requirements or suggestions may arise and new set of rules is applied to the digital design of the product. Once the design intent is finalized a physical prototype(s) can be built and submitted to the client for testing.

cable design discussion

Saison's engineers discuss particulars of a new cable design project

Additional Cable Design Related Services

In some cases you may require multiple variations of a custom cable such can include different colors, splicing, different electrical data specifications. This is especially common with automotive wiring harnesses and industrial equipment custom cables. Our engineering department can assist you with a design of all cable derivatives whatever the needs may be.

Cutting cost is our priority and therefore, if opportunity presents, we always ready to suggest a cost-reducing alternative.

Communicating Clearly and Delivering On Time

 Since we are working with many leading manufacturers worldwide we are aware of the sensitivity of the information when it comes to custom engineering and design. You can be assured that your ideas are secure and all proprietary information is properly handled by Saison.

We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate clearly, this is especially important when working in the multi-organizational environment on projects which require ongoing communication exchange.

You can be assured that we will deliver excellent results within a given timeline.

Post Cable Design Steps

Once the cable design process is complete, we offer custom cable engineering services which include all stages of preparing your custom cable assembly for mass production. Cable engineering involves creation of manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, securing components and setting up all elements required for well-organized high-quality production.

Please learn more about custom cable engineering process.

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