Cable Engineering

Our custom cable engineering service will accommodate you through all stages of the custom wiring component development from the initial custom cable design to production and distribution/delivery of the finished product. Our engineering department helps manufacturers to produce high quality cost-effective custom cables and wire harness assemblies for various applications and industries. Our expertise and professionalism has made us a preferred cable manufacturer for many well-known companies around the world.

We engineer and manufacture cables for automotive industry, consumer electronics, computers, cell phones, domestic appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and special applications cables.

Our engineering team consists of true experts of custom cable design, engineering and manufacturing. We are diligent in our research, development and communication with our clients. We deliver results in a timely fashion and provide you with working cable prototypes and documentation.

What Does Cable Engineering Entail?

Cable engineering is the stage that follows cable design, which is the initial step of the custom cable development. It involves, research, testing, components comparison, cost analysis, creation of technical production drawings as well as assembly line preparation. Much of the cable engineering is dedicated to electrical data analysis ensuring that manufacturer’s specs are fully integrated in the product. Once cable engineers have done their part your item is ready for mass production.

The definition of cable design and cable engineering terms can vary from one cable manufacturer to another but at Saison we separate both stages when the prototype is built and approved by the client.

cable engineering and cable design - comparison chart

This chart depicts the difference between custom cable engineering and design stages.

Once the cable designers pass on their notes to the engineers, the engineers have the exact specifications of the wiring component. Now the task is to optimize the splicing, cable stripping and secure all the necessary components from the preferred suppliers at the targeted cost. In this stage, the engineers work closely with the production management department to setup an assembly line ready for mass production.

Since some of the custom cable products may include derivatives, the engineering department takes into consideration the cost variations as well as assembly process steps to further optimize production scheduling and tooling. All these steps are critical because cable manufacturing frequently includes large production runs and to keep the cost low, cable engineers and production managers have to be very skilled in their estimates and planning.

Cable engineering professionals also consider the pros and cons of a particular assembly. For example, if you have a choice between soldering and crimping there are several factors to take into account, such as data loss, connectivity and mechanical integrity as well as cable’s application. Based on the previous research data, the ultimate solution is proposed by the engineers.

Since the connectivity industry is continuously coming up with new connectivity solutions, our engineers keep abreast on all latest developments which also, in some cases, allow improving the cable design and results in higher performance and savings.

Custom cable engineers are responsible for selecting proper materials for the entire cable assembly. Depending on the client’s specifications some of these components could be suggested by our engineers or secured according to client’s specifications. These components may include wire colors, waterproofing materials, special shielding, sinks, alternative terminals, etc. Again, all the selections are driven by the client’s specifications and target costs.

cable engineering data accumulaton

The accumulation and transition of data from the engineering to the production of a wiring component

Cable engineers are responsible for creating a precise bill of materials and ensuring availability of all defined components in time for the production. We understand that your production schedule relies on ours and take all the measures to ensure timely delivery of the finished product. After the cable design stage is complete, all the product specification data is contained in the system which allows engineering department to produce technical drawings necessary for production. This data also allows production engineers to create assembly instructions with detailed explanation of all steps. Whether it is cable cutting, striping, splicing, crimping, soldering or molding operation we follow all steps to the letter and that policy allowed us to maintain the highest industry quality control standards.

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