Custom Audio Cables

We manufacture custom audio cables for high-end audio systems, computers and consumer electronics. Our knowledge of audio wiring components design and our manufacturing capacity allows us to produce any variations of audio cable assemblies for both large and small orders. A several examples of custom audio cables below show the variety of custom audio cables made by us for different manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

If you need assistance with custom audio cable assembly and engineering you are welcome to contact us – our experienced engineering team can assist you in every step of development from a conceptual design to material selection and mass production of a high-quality custom audio cable assembly.

Custom Audio Cable - RCA to Headphone

custom audio cable assembly

Custom audio cable with UL1185 shielded cable, two molded RCA plugs and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Custom Audio Cables Assembly

Speaker Wire Harness Assembly

product group

Custom speaker wire harness assembly with wire soldering to an 8ohm speaker and terminals ready for housing

Custom Wire Harness Speaker Assembly

Samsung Cell Phone Cable Assembly

Samsung cell phone cable assembly

Molded cable assembly for Samsung cell phones used to connect the phone to a variety of audio devices

Molded Cable Assembly

Custom Molded TV HTC Touch Pro Coaxial Cable

custom molded video cable

Custom molded Touch Pro coaxial cable assembly for TV output with gold plated RCA plugs and mini USB connector

Coaxial Custom
TVCable Assembly

Custom Cable Assembly for Audio/Video Interface

OEM USB video and audio interface cable

Hybrid cable assembly for Apple products including USB interface and Apple's 14pin connector and RCA plugs

OEM USB Audio Video Cable Assembly for Apple Products



High end HDMI to HDMI OEM cable assembly with mylar-foil shielding and gold plated connectors for enhanced performance

OEM HDMI Cable Assembly

OEM Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

OEM fiber optics cable asembly

OEM Fiber Optic Cable Assembly for maximum performance used in high end audio applications with maximum signal transfer

OEM Fiber Optic Cable Assembly