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Coaxial Cable Assembly SMA

Coaxial cable assembly (SMA) optimized for high performance with gold plated connectors and silver plated core cable.

SMA connector cable harness

It consists of a RG-188AU coaxial cable, a male and a female gold plated SMA connector. These SMA connectors have 50 ohm characteristic impedance. The RG-188AU coaxial cable has 50 ohm matching impedance with the connectors to maximize the power transfer. The inner conductor of the coaxial cable is made of silver plated annealed copper covered steel and the outer conductor is made of silver plated copper braid. A PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric core is used for isolation between the copper conductors. It is used in wireless applications and high frequency testing equipments.

Additional Info: SMA cable has excellent electrical performance in high range of frequency from DC to 18 GHz yet it is small in size.

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