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Molded Cable Assembly

Molded computer cable assembly with all pins wired and thumbscrews connecting computer and peripherals.

D-sub connector shielded cable assemblies

A 7’ molded D-sub connector shielded cable assemblies, with all pins wired. All connectors have thumbscrew fixings. One end is a straight type connector, while the other end is a right-angle type connector where the space of the connecting device is constrained. Each end has a ferrite core for further eliminating interference the possibility the noise picked up from the cable itself. It is used to make the connection between computer, projector, printer, or any devices with the serial connector.

Customization: Cable length, type of cable (shielded or unshielded), Type of Connector Shell (D sub shell style, A, B, C, D or E), type of Connector (Crimp type connector or Solder type connector), Pin configuration, type of Hood (Metal or Plastic), type of Hood Screw (Phillips or Thumbscrews).

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