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LVDS Wire Harness Assembly

Custom LVDS wiring harness – 10 twisted pair and 7 single wires made of UL2100 cable with custom shielding

LVDS Wire Harness Cable

This LVDS cable made of UL2110 halogen-free cable. The core cable is shielded with 90% of copper wire and mylar for shielding purpose. The core cable consists of 10 twisted pair and 7 single wires. Both ends have crimped terminals. One end connects to a 1.0mm pitch standard LVDS housing, while the other end connect to a 2-row housings and a ring-type terminal. It is suitable for high-speed digital image and low power consumption transmission by LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) method. This cable uses for LCD panels and cable assemblies for panel-to-panel main board connections.

Customization: Multiple shielding for perfect compliance with EMI criteria.

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