Cable Distribution Logistics

The unrelenting effort of the logistics department results in consistently prompt deliveries, and all custom cable products are inspected and packaged to align with the specifications of clients.

We have created a custom cable production and distribution protocol and can assist clients by furnishing them with a checklist of items to consider upfront. We help our clients avoid missing crucial details.

In today’s economy most manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce inventory levels. Our logistics department is well aware of this demand and we help our clients to maintain low inventory levels of wiring components, delivering needed quantities in time for production.

This is a delicate balancing act which takes in the consideration of shipping costs, delivery time and production scheduling but we always do our best to find most cost-effective solution.

Collaborating with Saison Electronics will save you more than just money. It will also save you in the priceless areas of time and effort when it comes to outsourcing custom cable and wire harness. As a leader in custom cable manufacturer for more than 25 years, we are confident in guaranteeing unmatched quality and service that consistently surpasses expectations.

cable distribution logistics
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