Medical Cable Assembly

Medical cable assembly examples made by Saison Electronics for medical equipment manufacturers. Medical cables use the finest electrical components and wire for highest standards of reliability. We manufacture custom cables for over a quarter of a century and we are true specialists when it comes to medical equipment cable assembly.

We use well-tuned modern manufacturing and testing equipment and we stand by our quality and committed to timely delivery of all products. Please review the examples below and let us know about the items of your interest. These few examples show our quality and manufacturing variety. Our expert cable engineers can assist you in custom medical cable assembly design and prepare it for production.

Medical Cable Assembly with A Push Button Switch

medical cable assembly with a push button switch

Medical Cable Assembly with crimped connectors and push-button switch and LED used in medical equipment

Medical Cable Assembly

Medical Cable Assembly with LED Wire Harness

medical cable assembly with LED

Medical Cable assembly with a mini push button switch and 5 LEDs and UL1007 AWG24 cables braided

Medical Cable Assembly with LED Switch

Medical Wire Harness Assembly with Sensors

medical wire harness assembly with pressure sensors

Medical wire harness assembly with pressure sensor, M5 male screw and special ABS plastic casing for medical equipment

Medical Wire Harness Assembly with Pressure Sensor