OEM Cable

 Every piece of modern equipment and machinery involves electronics or electrical components and therefore the variety of wiring components dictates diversification in manufacturing. Many of our OEM cables and wire harness assemblies are very unique. Some are specifically designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions, some require a unique configuration for data transfer, and some involve complex splicing and specialty terminal connection such as sensors. Our ability of accommodating clients with a vast variety of custom cables is based on experience in engineering, cable design, outsourcing and manufacturing.

OEM cable production

OEM cable production - assembly worker inspects a batch of OEM cable assemblies.

This experience allowed us to expand our OEM cable services to following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Power Tools
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Cell Phones
  • Medical
  • Network Systems
  • Computers
  • Solar Power
  • Gaming Platforms
  • Complex Hybrid Specialty Cable and Wiring Harness for unique applications

OEM Cables for All Industries

In 25 years of manufacturing a wide range of custom cable products, custom cable manufacturing is ingrained in our identity. We have come to place a high value on clarity in the areas of communication with our clients’ engineers and OEM cable product technical documentation.

Besides the expected manufacturing service we also help our clients to design and engineer complex cable assemblies. The benefits of these additional services may include additional cost reduction through changes in design and outsourcing of components, faster development time, increased product quality and shorter production schedules.

OEM Cable Engineering

To help our clients find the best solution to any technical design, we pool our resources, from experience to engineering, in order to produce quality cable prototypes that garner our clients’ approval. We work with our clients, sharing specifics in wires and assembly, connector selection and electrical engineering, to ensure the best results and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

OEM cable engineering

Experienced engineers can help clients with cable design and engineering.

Custom Cable Manufacturing and Production Setup

By actively monitoring every facet of production, we keep your deadline for product assembly and shipping as primary priority. Our custom cable manufacturer operations are built on a foundation of product management control and production flexibility.

You are assured of the most competitive custom cable assembly bid when you are working with Saison. By operating our own wire manufacturing plant and leveraging the skill of our procurement department to obtain materials at low prices, we are able to slash costs.

OEM cable assembly

OEM cable assembly - a combo of automation and manual assembly labor

Quality Control

All production steps on each particular product are recorded in careful detail. We have also managed to exceed certification standards with our in-house designed proprietary system of quality control assurance. From both multinational brand names and smaller, highly technical wiring harness and cable clients, our quality assurance process has gained an outstanding reputation.

OEM cable quality control process

With Saison quality is always assured. We inspect every piece before we ship it to the client.

As a OEM cable manufacturer, we incorporate the use of specialty equipment to inspect all the materials coming to our facilities. For example, we use an X-ray florescence spectrometer and manual inspection, for all outsourced wire, cable and components. Although this requires additional time and resources, we never skip quality assurance of all outsourced components. We reach beyond the common material procurement steps, because of our commitment to high quality custom cable products.

QC Process

Based on the client and corresponding products, we follow requirements such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), 6P, NP and Halogen Free (HF), in addition to abiding by the regulations set forth by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH). We use the client’s Bill of Materials (BoM) if specified, and if a client tries to reduce cost or function by asking for a suitable wire or a connector alternative, we can take care of our clients by tapping into our outsourcing resources.

Timely Delivery of OEM Cable Wiring Components

Delivery of quality and consistency are basic expectations for our company, and every custom made cable is inspected and tested for quality control before being packed and shipped to the client. Every month, units numbering in the millions are transported to all parts of the world.

We have chosen to invest in our employees by providing continuous training and a working environment conducive to high levels of productivity. As a result, we have the best manufacturing assembly workers in the industry.

We are constantly adding new layers to our knowledge base, and engineers and management combine efforts to streamline the manufacturing process. As a leader in custom cable manufacturing, we are constantly striving to challenge our own high standards by staying up to date on the latest technologies and certifications.

OEM cables video

  • OEM Cables

    OEM Cables

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    OEM Wiring Harness

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    Custom USB cables is our specialty, we can manufacture any configuration and deliver the highest quality OEM USB assemblies

  • electrical cable assembly

    Electrical cable assembly PSE approved with crimped terminal and AC wall plug and housing with two extra circuit's connections

    Electrical Cable Assembly
  • molded cable interface

    Custom cable interface between Sony's cradle and iPhone or iPod build for extra strength and maximum speed.

    Custom Molded Interface Cable
  • wiring harness assembly with fuse protection

    Custom fuse protection wiring harness assembly with crimped terminals and protection sleeve for automotive and consumer products.

    Wiring Harness with Fuse Protection
  • Power Cord Assembly AC/DC

    Reinforced power cord assembly with optional ferrite core for interference reduction used for AC/DC adapters.

    Power Cord Assembly AC/DC