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OEM USB cables comprise a significant portion of Saison Electronics manufacturing profile. We manufacture custom USB cables of any kind. This includes custom splicing, various terminal connection such as sensors, specialty connectors, etc. We accommodate OEMs with custom molding solutions which include branding and labeling of USB cables.

Our manufacturing capacity allows us to produce large amounts of USB cables fast and our logistics accommodate expedient delivery anywhere in the world. Since we were one of the first manufacturers to embrace USB standards we have accumulated a vast experience in regards to custom USB cable assembly. We manufacture products that involve all USB connector types as well as various cable shielding options.

OEM USB standard cable assembly

OEM USB standard cable assembly

If you are interested in creating a custom USB cable whether it is designed for industrial, computer, medical, consumer electronics or automotive, contact us and our cable engineering department will be glad to share their experience and assist you in development and engineering of your unique product.

A few words about the quality of our OEM USB products, each USB cable is individually inspected and tested before it leaves our manufacturing plant. We pack and ship all the cables according your specifications and we inspect all materials and components used in USB cable assembly prior to accepting them from our suppliers. You can be certain that all of your cables will be of the highest quality and delivered on time.

If you are interested in smaller order quantities, you are welcome to contact us. Our production is very flexible and we can accommodate both, large orders consisting of millions of pieces as well as few thousand piece orders.

Here are some of the examples of OEM USB custom cable assemblies:

OEM USB cable assembly for Apple

OEM USB cable assembly for Apple products, iPhone, iPad, Apple notebooks and iPod

OEM USB cable assembly for Samsung

OEM USB cable assembly for Samsung cell phones

OEM USB charger

OEM USB charger and smart card reader

Market Overview for OEM USB Products

USB cables have become one of the most popular data and power transfer cable types in the electronics industry. The flexibility of USB data transfer protocol has revolutionized the computer industry’s connectivity capabilities and made it a preferred choice for many OEMs. Although, HDMI cable market is growing fast, still the demand for OEM USB products are high.

While HDMI is perfect for addressing transfer of large amounts of data fast, USB is still a preferred choice for portable devices and applications where it can accommodate both smaller amounts of data transfer and supply an electrical charge. With the widespread proliferation of wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports are commonly used as housing for wireless transmitters. The cost factor is also playing a significant role when it comes to selecting USB as a connectivity choice because HDMI cable assemblies are more expensive. Due to the USB’s flexible data transfer protocol, “Plug-and-Play” feature has become available on personal computers.

Makers of various electronic devices have capitalized on that fact, creating a large variety of consumer electronics products where USB connectivity is a main product feature. This branch of consumer industry is continuously evolving and USB has become a standard which is unlikely to fade away any time soon. Latest updates in USB transfer protocol (USB2 and USB3) has made it faster and more suitable for today’s latest models of consumer electronics and computer devices. The speed increase also was a welcomed factor in the industrial application of USB. All these factors suggest that OEM USB manufacturing will maintain a strong position in the future of cable assembly industry.

Basic USB Components

USB male type A
Assembled USB type A male connector

type B USB male connector
Assembled USB type B connector

molded USB enclosure
Type A Connector Casing – a generic over-molding with USB sign. The end of the cover is molded directly on USB cable.

USB type A male 4pin connector
Type A Male Four Pin Connector

USB internal metal case
Internal Metal Casing Type A which secures connector to the cable. By design USB cables are made for quick plug-unplug function therefore secure connection of USB connectors to the cable is mandatory.

external metal case for USB male connector
External Type A male connector casing to fit female connector allowing snag connection and easy plug-unplug function.

internal case
Internal plastic housing.

USB cables use several types of connectors to allow both maximum connectivity with peripherals and compact design. As a manufacturer of a complete line of OEM USB products, we provide with all types of USB connector assemblies. “A” type connectors most commonly used for data transfer and power supply. Where “B” type connectors are used exclusively in peripheral devices connected to the computer. This could be printers, scanners, etc.

For compact electronic devices such as photo and video cameras, small chargers, cell phones or GPS devices OEM manufacturers use mini and micro USB connectors.

USB mini connector
USB Mini connector (male)

USB micro connector
USB Micro connector (male)

OEM USB Variants

Some custom OEM USB cable assemblies include splitting of the cable, a combination of multiple terminals and special shielding or over-molding. Cable color, gold plating and labeling is also available at manufacturer’s request.

We provide prototypes for custom USB cable assemblies available for client testing. Contact Saison for all your OEM USB cabling needs.



    Custom USB cables is our specialty, we can manufacture any configuration and deliver the highest quality OEM USB assemblies