Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Due to modern equipment, ongoing training and the latest technologies, our cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing process has achieved one of the highest efficiency standards in the industry. More than 700 employees in more than 190,000 square feet are striving for excellence in our 21st century manufacturing facilities.

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To achieve superior quality and cost efficiency, modern wire harness manufacturing planning combines both manual and automated production processes. The wisdom of an expert wire harness manufacturer embraces the truth that full automation of production lines will never consistently deliver superior product quality. The very nature of wire harness manufacturing keeps full automation a mere theory. Full automation with simultaneously elevated quality standards would actually be cost prohibitive in reality.

Because of this, we direct our focus to employee training and the maintenance of impenetrable integrity in our production operations. Low pricing, short lead times and quality our clients can rely on are the results of our efforts to combine skilled laborers and well-tuned machinery.

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Cable Assembly Quality Control

For every wire harness assembly piece scheduled for client delivery, thorough testing is executed, be it a standard USB cable or a complex hybrid cable. We inspect our products both with the help of special testing equipment and manually. This standard of product inspection is what makes us a preferred source for many clients.

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Saison Video Introduction

  • Custom Cable Assemblies

    Custom Cable Assemblies

    Please take a look at the examples of custom cable assemblies manufactured by Saison Electronics for various clients and applications.
    Custom Cable Assemblies



    Custom USB cables is our specialty, we can manufacture any configuration and deliver the highest quality OEM USB assemblies