Wire Harness Assembly

Wire harness assembly has been a big part of Saison’s manufacturing profile for over 25 years. We serve a variety of industries and applications.  We are committed to the highest quality standards, cost effective solutions, timely delivery of all shipments and ongoing support to all of our clients.

wire harness assembly manufacturing - Saison

Wire harness assembly manufacturing facilities - Saison Electronics Ltd

Our wiring harness production capacity and assembly setup allows us to manufacture large quantities of wiring components as well as accommodate highly customized smaller orders of custom cables and wiring harness assemblies.

Because of our experience and commitment to quality we have gained a solid reputation in the wiring component industry.  Some of the most known brands around the world use our manufacturing services and engineering support for their wire harness and custom cable assembly needs.

We are a certified manufacturer with UL, ISO 9001, ISO14001 and TS 16949 accreditations. Our manufacturing facilities employ over 700 employees in one of the global centers of electronics manufacturing.  We are a Japanese company with headquarters located in Hong Kong, manufacturing facilities in Dongguan China and satellite offices in United States and Japan.

We use modern certified equipment and continuously expand our production variety of wiring harnesses and custom cables to accommodate the ever growing demand of manufacturers for connectivity products worldwide.

Wire Harness Assembly Examples

Images below demonstrate some of the wire harness assembly examples manufactured by Saison.

automotive wire harness assembly

Automotive wire harness assembly

medical wire harness assembly

Medical wire harness assembly with a switch

wire harness assembly with relay

Wire harness assebmly with relay

Wire Harness Assembly Spectrum

We produce wire harness assembly products for following industries and products:

  1. Consumer electronics industry – cell phones, battery chargers, gaming consoles, LCD cables, plasma TV cables, power cables, domestic appliances wiring components, audio cables, video cables, power tools and more.
  2. Automotive industry – electrical wiring harnesses of various types for various manufacturers around the world.
  3. Industrial applications – industrial equipment wire harnesses, harsh environment wiring components, power cables, power supplies cables and more. This group includes a large variety of unique wire harness assembly products, including complex hybrid assemblies, special shielding cables, sensor wiring and various electrical configurations.
  4. Specialty cables – we manufacture a wide range of unique cable assemblies requested from different manufacturers
  5. Computer cables – flat ribbon cable assemblies, power supply cords, USB custom cables, cables and harnesses for both laptops and desktop computers.
  6. Networking cables – CAT5, CAT6, coaxial network cables, USB and more.
  7. Cable Distributors – We manufacture wiring harnesses and custom cables for major cable distributors. This includes standard cable and wiring harness assemblies as well as smaller quantities of specialty wiring components.
  8. Medical Equipment Wiring Harnesses and Cables – our wiring assemblies are used in medical applications.

Quality Control and Commitment to Excellency

Being a Japanese company, it is ingrained in our culture to manufacture superior quality products.  In a continuous effort to perform at the highest level, we have developed a proprietary quality control system on the top of ISO 9001 requirements.  This allows us to manufacture wire harness assemblies that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality.

wire harness assembly quality inspection

Wire harness assembly quality inspection

Our QC process includes material and component inspection, equipment testing, quality control of every step of wiring harness assembly and individual inspection of every manufactured piece. We continuously train and educate our assembly workers and staff on production related topics which has resulted in the employment of highly qualified labor and staff.

Those who are familiar with custom wire harness assembly process understand that it is impossible to automate all steps of the custom wiring component assembly. Although theoretically such possibility exists, it is simply cost prohibitive. That is why a skilled workforce is critical to the quality in custom manufacturing.

wire harness assembly wire stripping

Wire harness assembly - wire stripping

When it comes to quality and following OEMs specifications our clients know that working with Saison means superior quality products delivered on time.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Although much of our manufacturing consists of large mass-production of various wire harness and custom cable assemblies, it is our cable engineering experience and manufacturing flexibility that appeal to OEMs who are seeking fulfillment of smaller quantities of highly customized cables. We are able to engineer, produce and ship in time very complex hybrid cables anywhere in the world. Our highly efficient production scheduling, assembly line setup and tooling allow us to provide short lead times to our clients.

wire harness assembly manufacturing line

Wire harness assembly manufacturing line.

Wire Harness Assembly Service Summary

To summarize, Saison can help you in all stages of development, manufacturing and delivery of custom wire harness assemblies.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Custom harness assembly design – This includes conceptual design based on desired functionality and building a digital mockup in accordance with clients definitions.
  2. Wire harness and cable engineering – A process where the conceptual design is fully prepared for production.
  3. Wire harness assembly prototyping – Building a functional prototype of wire harness assembly and submitting it to the client.
  4. Wiring component testing – Rigorous testing of wiring harness and submitting data to the client.
  5. Over-molding, splicing, crimping, cutting, stripping, soldering of various kinds.
  6. Cost-effective outsourcing of components or outsourcing exclusively from OEM specified sources only.
  7. On-cable printing and labeling – we offer a variety of printing on the cable or wire directly as well as custom branding through molding as well as labeling wiring harnesses for further assembly.
  8. Connection to various terminals, sensors, components – We use tested equipment and most effective ways to provide connectivity with minimal signal loss.
  9. Client-specified packaging options – You tell us how you want the product to be packed and we ship it following your instructions to the letter.
  10. In-house logistics – Accommodating many large clients around the world for over 25 years with timely product deliveries has resulted in expert logistics system to ensure all shipments reach their destinations on time.
  11. Custom delivery scheduling of specified quantities which allows manufacturers to reduce inventory on hand while safely accommodate their production needs.

With Saison you are guaranteed to get the highest quality, cost-effective wire harness assembly products anywhere in the world. What makes Saison stand out amongst other China based cable manufacturers is clear communications, vast engineering experience, quality and superior client support.

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